How To Delete an Event on iPhone Calendar

Ok, so the pool party your friend was throwing got cancelled because it turns out her parents are not going away that weekend. And therefore your schedule is wide open for that day. This means you need to delete that saved event on your iPhone calendar until you have new plans to put in. Or you may have put in a date altogether that is wrong.

It is very simple to delete an event after entering it into your iPhone calendar.? Start by?tapping the date that the event has been entered into with your finger. Remember from our tip on how to enter events into iPhone calendar, how to scroll from months, to dates, and within list view,?etc. Once you have found the date that the event you need to delete is on, look on the bottom of the month view calendar – 2 white lines will appear showing your event in the top line. Click the line with your descriptive event and it will bring you to a condensed box of the event in the next screen.

Next, on the top right hand side you will see a small button that says edit. Once you click that, it brings you to the same box in which you entered in all the information for your event. At the way bottom, underneath the Notes box, you will see in red, a box to tap that says delete event. Tap the delete event tab, and it will reask you to delete event- because it wants to make sure you are definitely deleting it and you didn’t accidentally hit delete event. Simply click the second delete event and just like that the event is deleted. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

** Remember, if you have entered a specific day/s and time, and you just need to change the date or move the event, not delete it, simply tap the same box that says start/end times and change the time and date/s. You can do this on the same day that you created it or on a different day down the road.

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