How To Create Photo Albums on iPhone Camera

If you’re a picture taking fiend lately, because of the amazing quality your iPhone offers with its camera, chances are you’re going to need to create photo albums on your iPhone for convenience and organization. This tip will help you to do just that, create photo albums on your iPhone camera as well as how to change the name of your Photo Albums on your iPhone Camera.

To start tap the ‘Photos’ icon on your iPhone. This will bring you to the next page entitled ‘Albums’. The first thing to know about ‘Albums’ is that you can create and delete many different albums. But until you actually create new albums, your iPhone will automatically save all of your pictures in the first original album, titled ‘Camera Roll’. To create a new photo album, tap on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right hand side. Once you do that, the album line shifts a little bit to the right and a new button on the top left appears that says ‘Add’. To create a new album you tap on the ‘Add’ button. A mini box will appear and ask you to enter the name of the new album. Once you have entered the name of your new album by using the virtual keyboard, tap save and then Done on the top right, and you will see the new album appear on the next line underneath the original ‘Camera Roll’ album.

If you want to change the name of an existing photo album, tap the album name -it will highlight blue and tap the ‘Edit’ button on the top right. Automatically a virtual keyboard will appear for you to change the name. Once you have changed the name tap on Done. On the bottom of the Photos icon main screen, you will see an icon for ‘Albums’ and another icon for ‘Places’. According to what you have set your location settings to (please see our tip on How To Set Location Settings for iPhone), by clicking the ‘Places’ icon, it will show you: the approximate geographical location ie.New York City, and how many pictures you took in that location. When clicking ‘Places’, if you see a small flag that says ie. ’15 photos’ on the New York City red dot, you will see a small blue arrow on the right hand side of the small flag. By tapping the blue arrow, it will show you exactly which photos you took in that geographical location. Pretty high tech stuff nowadays! Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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