How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Users create fan pages for a variety of reasons. Most people have started using a Facebook fan page as a way to market their business, hobby or band. These pages can also be used to promote a specific product, gain recognition for a public figure or celebrity or for more frivolous reasons like those pages that are simply designed to entertain the followers. If you have something you want to say, promote and educate about then you can create a Facebook fan page using a few simple steps.
1. Navigate to Facebook and choose ?Create a Page? at the bottom of the registration page. You may have to log out of your personal account to reach the registration page. This takes you to a page that shows different categories for your fan page. Click on the category that best represents your business.
2. Fill out the form that appears. Choose a category for your business and provide your company name and the information required.
3. Read the ?Facebook Pages Terms? and check the box indicating your agreement to the terms. Press the ?Get Started? button. Enter the captcha when it appears and press ?Submit.?
4. Create a business Facebook account by filling out the requested information and filling out the captcha form. Be sure to read the ?Terms of Use? and ?Privacy Policy? and check the required box before clicking the ?Sign Up Now? button.
5. Go to your email account and open the confirmation email from Facebook. Click on the link provided to confirm your account. This will take you to your newly created Facebook Fan Page, where you can customize your page and begin promoting your business. Facebook offers easy to follow prompts to help you with customization.
6. Add an image to your new page. This can be a logo, product image or a professional picture of you and your staff. Remember that this is a business page and keep the image appropriate. Preferably it should be the logo to your business so that it is easily recognized by visitors. Now is a good time to post your first status update and begin to promote your new fan page. You will also need a second image called the cover image for the top of your page. If you choose to use your logo as the page image then you should use a picture of products as the cover image.
After the fan page is created you should ?suggest? it to your friends. This will help get the ball rolling with who sees the page and ?likes? it. Your friends will then suggest it to their friends to help start your initial traffic burst. You can pay a third party company to design a top-notch fan page for your product or business. The prices of these vary based on the company you choose. A custom fan page offers more chances for your guests to interact with your business. This is not a requirement, just another option for people who want to engage their customers more. Starting an ad campaign is the next step.

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