How To Create A Cover Letter

Nowadays it is not only important to have a resume it’s also almost mandatory to have a cover letter. This letter of introduction gives a little more insight to who you are as a person and worker than just your resume does. Although you still don’t want to give all the information about yourself in a cover letter either, because in an interview, the potential employer may ask you to tell them about yourself and you need to have more to talk about than just what’s on your resume and cover letter. Yes, the rules of today’s games in the job market are very tricky.

So, after you’ve created your resume (if you need to know how to do this please see our tip on how to create a resume), you must have a cover letter to submit along with it. The most important thing is that you will 9 out of 10 times need to change your cover letter each time you apply to a new company. This is because certain information and wording will need to be changed depending on the position, the company, the title of the job, and the location of the company. It will also depend on the required experience and education you may list in your cover letter pertaining to the position you’re applying for. Most importantly it is all about the wording. The cover letter gets attached to your resume and you want to incorporate intellectual wording that applies precisely to the experience and education you have.

**See example below typed explanation

Without further hesitation, let’s begin. On a word document, you will start by choosing an appropriate font. Employers usually stick to the standard Arial font or the Times New Roman font. On the top left hand side you will start your cover letter by typing out the date. For example if it was 11/27/11 you would spell it out by typing: November 27, 2011. Remember we are not going for easy or abbreviated we are going for professional. Skip a few spaces and type in the name of the company. Hit enter and type in the street address, next line will be the city/state/zip code. Underneath that (IF it has been provided) type in the Job# sometimes in a job listing it will have an ID# or a JobCode# etc. Type that in and hit enter twice. For this line you will type in: Attention Hiring Coordinator, or Dear _____? (sometimes the company will display who the contact person is and it is appropriate to put that person’s name).

Next you will start typing the first paragraph of your cover letter. In the first paragraph you will want to start your purpose for the letter. So, you will state I am inquiring about the _____ position at ______Company Name. Remember the title of the position may change from job/company to job/company. So when saving your cover letters make sure you title each cover letter accordingly. The purpose of the first paragraph is to basically build yourself up. You want to list your skills both work wise and personal (ie. multi-tasker, with exceptional organization skills, etc.). You also want to state in?1- 2?sentences why you are the ideal candidate for that position in that company -especially amongst all the other candidates. It is very important not to type numbers as 1, 2, 3 but to spell them out when creating a professional document such as a cover letter.

In the second paragraph, you will want to talk about your education, any rewards/merits or scholastic recognition you’ve recieved (ie. getting inducted into?an honor society etc). Anything that will demonstrate your fervor to achieve excellence for yourself and the company you wish to work for. If there is something specific you would like to add?to try to persuade your potential employer, you would add it in this paragraph (ie. volunteer work etc).

You would close the cover letter with a statement about your objective and thank the proposed employer for their time and consideration as well as when a potential date you would be available to start would be.

On the bottom right hand side you would put Sincerely, and your name typed. Underneath you can choose a script font such as Monotype Corsiva and put your name in again but since it’s in script it looks like a personalized signature.

Skip a few spaces and put your name, next line your street address, next line town, state and zip code. Underneath that put your phone number that you would like to be reached on and on the last line put your email address.

Again please see below for a display example of the format of a cover letter that you would put into a word document.

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂


Cover Letter Display Example:?

November 27, 2011


Company Name,

Street Address,

City, Town Zip Code

Job Id#


Attention Hiring Coordinator,


I am inquiring about the Administrative Position at your Corporate Offices posted on the JobSite. ETC. This is paragraph 1.

I recently graduated from …………………This is paragraph 2.

Thank you for your time and consideration.?I look forward to hearing from you. I would be available to start after giving 2 weeks notice to my current employer.


First Name

First Name (script font)


First Name

Your address

town, state, zip code

phone #

email address



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