How to Control Your Facebook News Feeds

Your Facebook news feed is the stream of information from pages that you like, people you subscribe to and your friends that appears on your computer screen. You access your news feed by clicking the ?Home?? button at the top, right hand side of the screen. Most users do not want to see posts from everything and every person they like or are friends with. Controlling what shows up in your news feed can help make your social networking experience more enjoyable.


If your friends play a lot of the available Facebook games like Farmville or Mafia Wars, then you will likely see dozens or even hundreds of posts from these games each time the person reaches a new achievement. Scrolling through tons of game posts can be very annoying. If you move your cursor to the right corner of a post, a downward arrow will appear. Click on this arrow and a dropdown list will appear which allows you to hide that particular post, hide all posts from that game or hide all posts from a specific user. If you do not want to see game posts ever again, then you will need to click on hid all posts from game. This will block all of the posts from that game form appearing on your wall, regardless of who the user is.


Two types of pages will appear on your news feed. The first are those that are paying to be promoted. This means that the page owner pays a small fee to have all its posts promoted to all of its followers. Businesses do this to increase their reach, otherwise less than 30% of followers will actually see a post unless they visit the page directly. The second type of pages that appear are those that you are regularly interacting with. For example, if you choose to ?like? a status regularly or comment, then Facebook decides that you are interacting with a page enough to see posts from it all of the time. If you find the numerous posts from a page annoying then you can use the same technique mentioned above to block posts from the page. Alternatively, if you are not seeing posts from a page you want to follow more closely, you can visit that page and hover your cursor over ?Liked? and select ?Show in News Feed? from the dropdown menu.


As much as you love your friends, sometimes they seem to have nothing else to do but post meaningless posts all day long. You can block certain friends from appearing in your newsfeed by clicking the downward arrow in the right corner of a post and choosing ?Hide all from _____?. You can also choose to just hide one specific post if you find it offensive. Using the same guidelines as pages, Facebook determines which friends you interact with the most and has them appear on your news feed. If you want to see posts regularly from a friend who is not appearing you will need to go to their profile page and click on ?Subscribe?.

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  1. Dave says:

    It really is a mystery how facebook works. As Churchill described the U.S.S.R. fb is a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Surrounded by an enigma. I won’t be a guppy in fb mystery pond. Zucker(sugar)berg(mountain) formed it with an evil deed. This is all you need to know that he is scr@wing everybody except his w@fe ten different ways.

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