How To Comment And Like Things On Facebook

This tip will tell you how to do the common practice of things on facebook, in otherwords, how to comment and how to like things on facebook. First, when you want to comment on someone’s page, you have to be friends’ with that person, unless you’re on a public page such as ‘mcdonald’s’. So let’s say you’re on your friends’ page and you want to write hello i missed you in class today. Go to their page and in the same spot that you would write your own status update, it will now say ‘write post’. That same blank space is where you would write a comment on someone’s page – if you are initiating a comment. You can also comment on someone elses’ post/comment on your friends page, but going to the blue box underneath their comment/post and click comment, then write what you want to say and click post.

It is very similar step to ‘like’ someone’s comments or status. If you want to ‘like’ their status, you will go to their comment on the news feed and click ‘like’. Or you can already be on their page and click like underneath their status. Their is also an option to ‘share’ someone’s comment, in which facebook allows you to send that person’s status to a friend or repost it to your own profile.

There is another form of ‘liking’ on facebook, in which you do a search as you would the way you search for a friend, and in the search bar you type in something that you like. You can type in anything from foliage to your favorite restaurant to twinkies. Whatever it is you want to ‘like’ just do a search and when the page comes up click ‘like’ on the page. If you cannot find a page for the topic you like, there is no page for it yet. I for example have been searching for a page on funny bones but alas there is no page as of yet, go figure who doesn’t like funny bones?!

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂


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