How To Clean Hardwood Floors

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Do you have hardwood floors and are struggling to clean them in a safe way? Well have no fear you have come to the right place! Whether you’ve bought a house that already has hardwood floors in it, or you are considering installing them into your house,?you will?want to know which type of Hardwood floors you have (assuming they are not the pergo type) so you know how to better maintain and keep your hardwood floors clean.

Classic Hardwood floors are manufactured from range from a variety of different types of classic type hardwoods such as: white oak, red oak, cherry wood, maple, white ash, pecan trees, and hickory. And in recent years, more exotic woods have been used such as: African Teak, Brazilian Cherry, and Tigerwood – yes that is a real type of tree not just name! Once you’ve determined which type of wood it is, you need to know if your hardwood is either a) solid hardwood flooring b) engineered hardwood flooring or c) longstrip hardwood flooring. The more information you have about your hardwood floor, the better you will be able to maintain and clean your hardwood floors!

Solid Hardwood floors are prone to being sensitive to moisture. Meaning, the wood expands and contracts in certain temperatures and seasonal changes.?You may see this type of?hardwood floor buckle up in the summer because the humidity has increased. Another type is Engineered Hardwood flooring which is more popular because of the way the planks are laid in a cross-ply direction preventing?any expanding/shrinking. And Longstrip Hardwood flooring is designed to have a ‘top’ layer on each board. It can be glued or stapled down.

?First things first, in order to maintain cleanliness and the quality of your hardwood flooring,?you need floormats. Floormats are highly recommended protect and to keep dirt and other tiny particles that can scratch off your hardwood floors. I encourage placing floor mats anywhere that water can splash such as by the kitchen sink, near the entryway/doorway, etc. *According to the?world floor covering association, there are specific mats made for hardwood floors. They are made without rubber backing to cause less damage to the floor.

Next you should invest in a high quality broom. Not the cheap $6.99 one from your local store. The more you take care of and clean your hardwood floor the longer it will keep it’s original state. Sweeping about 2 times a week, will help to reduce dirt, dust, grime, and other little things that can dirty or scratch your hardwood floor.

Another way to clean your hardwood floors, is to purchase a terrycloth mop equipped with a rotating head. This will allow you to clean under cabinets and islands, under the kitchen table, corners, etc. You can also invest in a swiffer duster.

A word to the wise, be careful using liquid cleaning products some have harmful chemicals that can cause your hardwood floor to react by buckling and staining. Stay away from urethane finishes and any waxes. Do not use oil soaps, ammonia, pine sol. These types of products will dull the finish on your hardwood floor. If you want to get sticky spots such as a red sauce spill, you can purchase professional cleaning products for hardwood floors at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

Note: Sunlight can sometimes cause hardwood floors to fade or change over the years. Nothing you can do about this. But remember as long as you clean your hardwood floors on a regular basis and work at maintaining them, you will maintain the quality.

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