How To Clean a Lobster After Cooking It

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Today’s Tip: How To Clean a Lobster After Cooking It

Ahhh yes a juicy red plump cooked lobster just landed on your plate! Whether you boiled, broiled, or grilled your lobster, depending on how you want to eat your lobster, there are certain ways to clean it after cooking it.?You can’t just dig into the lobster, it has to be finessed out of its shell,?cleaned up a little before it is consumed. You can start by removing the rubber bands from the claws if you haven’t already done so?before boiling the lobster. Since the claws have little jagged edges, you can?wear gloves to break them off the lobster.

First take the lower claw, and gently rock?it?back and forth to loosen it. Then pull the lower claw to the side to extract it. If?you take your time, the lower claw meat will stay intact.?Repeat this step with the second claw. You can try to use a lobster cracker if it makes it easier. Using a lobster mallet may help but will not keep?the lobster meat in tact,?can create broken pieces of lobster shell to?mix into the?lobster meat, and therefore does not help to clean a lobster after?cooking it.

You may notice a transparent cartilage material on the meat (it looks like white bubbly stuff) you can remove this by taking a wet papertowel and ever so gently rubbing it down. When cracking open the claw, be careful to do it in the middle of the claw so that you can break it in half and remove the lobster meat in one piece. By twisting and turning the legs, claws, tail, back and forth in opposite directions, you can remove these body parts from the main lobster body.

Since a lobster?s blood is green, if not cleaned before cooking, it along with waste from the digestive tract, can harden into a gelatine like substance. This is the green stuff sometimes found in a lobster’s tail if it has not been cleaned before served. Any roe is ok to be eaten and is not harmful it’s a matter of preference when eating a lobster. Now, since most of the meat is located in the tail of a lobster, this is the most important part of cleaning a lobster. First take the seperated lobster tail and allow it to curl on its side on your cutting board. (Remember to keep the cutting board clean at all times for sanitary reasons.) Take your hand and lay it on top of the lobster tail pressing straight down. Apply enough pressure to the lobster’s tail shell until you feel it collapse or break under your hand. This pressure should break the shell into a natural division between the meat and the shell. Ever so carefully pull the chunk of lobster flesh from the shell. Again you may come across white cartilage just rub lightly with a wet papertowel. Crackers are usually the best form of opening the tails, there is not much meat in there but we can’t let any lobster meat go to waste now can we?! Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

**Remember when working with anything that you?should?keep the area you are working in clean so that harmful bacteria is not left behind to cause illness. Sanitation is one of the most important steps in cleaning?and cooking especially with seafood,?poultry, etc.You want to make sure that any harmful bacteria is removed.

2 Responses to How To Clean a Lobster After Cooking It

  1. jimmy says:

    Does the lobster have a “mud-vain”, Intestines that must be removed before eating??

  2. admin says:

    Nope, no need to remove anything before eating. You can remove excrement if the lobster has any, but it will not hurt you if you eat it.

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