How To Change the Name of a Condensed App Box on iPhone

Loving your iPhone and all it has to offer? The greatest thing about iPhone is that you can make it all your own. Besides all the nifty features it offers, you can make our iPhone homescreen your own depending on what apps you have downloaded and purchased. So, after you’ve downloaded hundreds of apps, you are going to want to condense them into a box icon on your iPhone screens that will house up to 12 apps per box, but more importantly have them categorized with a name according to your liking. This app will help you to change the name of a condensed app box on iPhone.The condensed app box can house between 2-12 app icons per box.

[Note: Please see our tip: “How To Move an App to a Different Location on Your iPhone” in our iPhone tips category for more on how to move 12 icons into one box.]
Once you have moved the icons into the box you want, and in the location you want, (remember all the icons will still be wiggling) including condensed app boxes. Within the condensed box, you will see a line above the top row of the first 4 apps, that may or may not already have a title. In order to change the name of the condensed app box on your iPhone, while the icons are wiggling and you are inside the condensed box, tap your finger in the long white line where there is already a name. The iPhone keyboard will automatically pop up for you to change the name of the condensed app box. Hit the X button on the keyboard in order to delete the previous title, and type in the new name that you want to appear on the condensed app box. Once you are done changing the name of the condensed app box on your iPhone, push down the iPhone button (otherwise known as the home button) in the bottom center of your iPhone. Everything will stop wigging but you might still be inside of a condensed box. Simply push the button a second time and iyou will be on the iPhone home screen.

When changing the name of a condensed app box on iPhone, it can sometimes be overwhelming choosing a good title for the condensed box, some helpful titles we came up with: News (for such apps as: CNN,, bbc news app) Navigation (for such apps as: AroundMe, Maps, Flashlight) Games (for such apps as family feud, Gardens of Time, Words with Friends) etc. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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