How To Boil A Lobster

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Today’s Tip: How To?Boil Lobster

Lobster – even though it has 5 pairs of legs, beady eyes, long antennae, and did I mention pincers,?it’s still yummy!!?This crustacean (or large bug) is?undoubtably?one of the most popular forms of seafood worldwide. You can bake it, boil it, steam it, broil it, throw it in your mashed potatoes,?anyway you have it,?it’s still going to be delicious. But?it is tricky?knowing?how to cook and clean lobster?so it’s not undercooked or dirty. When boiling a lobster, the first thing you want to remember is to put the lobster in lukewarm water prior to cooking, this will help them go to sleep. You don’t want to be cruel and throw them into a boiling pot of hot water to die. If they are asleep before the water heats up and turns into a boil, it is less painful for them. (At least that’s what experts say!) So they are sleeping and now you’re ready to cook them.

To cook a lobster properly,?whether boiling or simmering it?-the rule is to boil?the lobster?- 7 minutes for the first pound and for an additional 3 minutes for every extra pound. (For example, if you had a 3 pound lobster you’d be cooking it for a total of 13 minutes -7 minutes?for the first pound, and 3 minutes?per pound for the other 2 pounds.) Some people?add herbs or wine to their pot of boiling water, personally?I think it’s the best just plain cooked in the water and then served with?a side of?melted butter to dip it in.?Are you going to be serving lobster just by itself with a side of clarified butter to dip it in and a lemon wedge? Are you serving it in lobster bisque? Are you just cooking the lobster for it’s fleshy meat and putting inside something else? Anyway you do it as long as you have boiled it properly, with the length of time, it should turn out perfecto! Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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