How to Block App Requests on Facebook

Facebook is home to thousands of applications which users can enjoy. While there are plenty of users who spend hours of their day planting farms and sending heart and smile cards to their friends, most users do not want to engage in applications during their social networking experience. With each application, the player is able to send requests to any of their friends who have not blocked the application. If you block an application, your name is removed from the friends list for that application.
The easiest way to block an application is to do so as they appear. If you receive an application request from Jill to play Farmville, then you should select ?Decline? and then ?Block all requests from this app?. This will prevent all users from sending you requests for that specific game. Alternatively, if you have a friend that is constantly sending you app requests, you can block all requests from that specific person. This is the other option after you hit Decline which will appear on the screen.
Declining application requests as they come in will allow you to be more effective during your social networking time. There are hundreds of options for applications and attempting to block all of them at one time is virtually impossible and very time consuming. Blocking application requests will not block the application posts from appearing on your news feed. In order to block these posts you will have to click the downward arrow on the right corner of the post and select ?Block all posts from this app? in the menu.
If you do not mind the applications but are tired of receiving emails and notifications about your application requests, then you can adjust your settings for these notifications. To do so, click the downward arrow in the top right hand corner of your screen next to Home. Choose ?Account Settings? from this menu and you will be brought to the account settings interface. Click on Notifications and check or uncheck the applications which you would like to receive notifications from via email or in your notifications center. You can choose to unsubscribe to all of them if you would like as well. This will help minimize the amount of junk mail you get in your email inbox from Facebook.
Applications through Facebook are designed to be fun. They are literally hundreds of different applications from games to SIM villages to other fun applications which allow you to send greetings to your friends. However, if you are using Facebook as a means to catch up with your friends and family or grow your business, then having these applications all around you constantly can be annoying and disruptive. Additionally, many people find that these applications become addictive and suck up much your time on the internet. Blocking applications is the easiest way to reduce the amount of spam email you receive as well as the number of distractions you experience while using Facebook.

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