How To Block and Unblock Someone on Facebook

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Today’s Tip: How To Block Someone on Facebook

Well, it’s official you definitely need to get rid of that person who is harrassing you on facebook. Or maybe they’re not even bothering you but the mere fact that they can see what you and your friends write on your facebook wall, is driving you absolutely crazy. If you want to get rid of that psycho ex, or that friend who betrayed you, here’s how to completely block them.

*Note: Blocking someone on facebook is completely different from unfriending them. When you unfriend someone they can still type in your name in the search bar and see whatever your profile picture is, among other things -depending on your settings. Blocking someone, means they cannot find you whatsoever, no matter how many different ways they type in your name. It doesn’t matter if you’re friends with the same friends, once they are blocked, they cannot even see what your mutual friend and you are discussing. To block someone on facebook, is actually the safest way to really get rid of someone you don’t want knowing anything about you on facebook. (For the smart ones, certain people you may want to block, if you know they have facebook accounts, would be your HR person at work, your boss, etc. you get the picture.)

So, here’s how to block someone on facebook -when on a computer, go to that person’s profile page and scroll to the bottom of their wall, where it says “report/block this person”. Or if you’re not friends with the person simply?type in their name in the search bar and when their profile comes up? *you may not be able to view their wall depending on their own settings, but there will be an option right under their picture to “report/block this person”. It will confirm the person’s name, explain to you that you won’t be able to see or contact eachother via facebook, and will ask you if you want to give a reason for why they are being blocked. This is optional, you don’t have to give a reason if you don’t want to.

Another way to block someone on facebook, especially if you’re on your cell phone, is to go to your profile page, click where it says privacy settings, and click block lists on the bottom in the middle. There is a place to enter a person’s name or email address and again when they pop up you would click block, and it will ask to confirm.

By going this particular route, (privacy settings to block lists) this option can work both ways, meaning if you’ve already blocked someone this is where you would go to unblock them. So for that ridiculous fight you had with your best friend and now you’ve made amends, and want to unblock her, you would go here too.) So click block lists, choose the person who you want to unblock, and click “unblock”. When you click this it will ask to confirm and you click yes. You will have to send them an add request to be your friend on facebook, but once unblocked they are now able to do what anyone else can depending on your settings.?

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

55 Responses to How To Block and Unblock Someone on Facebook

  1. stacey says:

    What happens if you block someone who is not a friend on fb (or you befriend them and block/report) and then you want to re-add them? Is this possible?

  2. admin says:

    Yes you can re-add someone after having blocked them. First you need to go to your blocked list, click ‘unblock’ next to the person’s name you want to unblock. Then if will ask you to comfirm and it will tell you it may take up to 24 hours to go through ( it doesn’t ) then go to the search bar at the top nd type in the same person’s name again. When they come up click ‘friend request’. And simply await them to confirm or deny your request.

  3. Six says:

    What happens if you unblock each other and you still cant find each other page?

  4. billinda says:

    I blocked a man on FaceBook a yr ago.. I recieved a notification from Face Book that the same man was joining because I sent him an invitation to join..I never sent him an invitation..He is a scammer in Nigeria using the same profile and pictures as before.. I reported him to Face Book as a scammer again..and blocked him again..Why was he able to join saying he had an invitation from me when I still had him blocked.. He has the same name and email address as before..

  5. luna says:

    Can you please tell me where i can find the blocked list on facebook please ??

  6. Johan says:

    I have a strange problem, I can not find the answer for. My girlfriend told me she blocked her ex, and showed me her fb page. The ex is not in her friendlist. When she type his name on her profile in the search option of fb or her friends, the ex will not popup. However, if we go to her blockpage the name of her ex is not on it. If I go to her ex profile, I see the msg that we have one mutal friends and all the tags he made on his pictures of her, are still there, also past comments she made are also still there, I realy dont get this, can anyone explain and how to check if she really blocked him, Thanks.

  7. Andre says:

    I have a weird situation. This guy blocked me on Facebook and later he showed up on my friends list And off my restricted list. What happened? I thought when you block someone on Facebook, they are automatically de friended. Am I correct?

  8. Jon says:

    I blocked someone on my mobile phone app, but they were not blocked when I logged in on my PC. I reblocked them on my laptop, though it took some doing. I had to try four times by typing their name in on the privacy page. Blocking from their profile page just kept coming back saying they couldn’t be blocked. I logged on from my desktop the next day, and they were not blocked again! I had to reblock them the same way, as I was having the same problem.

    Any idea why that would be or how to fix it?

  9. rencent says:

    how can i have a friend back in fb.she blocked me last week i want to be friend with her again. but unfurtunately i cant find her profile help me

  10. ramesh says:

    What happens if you block someone who is not a friend on fb (or you befriend them and block/report) and then you want to add them? Is this possible?

  11. ramesh says:

    when i block person who is not a friend in my profile from home page clicking (report or block ) how do i add him as friend because i couldn’t find him . i created a another account and search him then i can see him profile , i checked privacy page there is no list

    note :. i think there is two deference method need to unblock above situation

    1, when you block person who already friend – can unblock by privacy setting – ok

    2, when you block person who not a friend in your profile – ?

    i need a help for 2. situation

  12. Ayz says:

    my friend has blocked me on fb, so iz it possible for me to unblock him??

  13. ann says:

    where did i find my block list?

  14. Cels says:

    Can you refriend someone that you have unfriend? If yes, how since it will not show up on neither of your search pages.

  15. nilanjana majumdar says:

    Actually few dayz back i noticed that few of my friend’s prof names appear in black link in my frnds list and when i tried to click on that link its showing page no longer exists.
    i have alreay cross checked that its not that deir accnt is decativated.
    den when i tried to search their names in the search tab am not able to see them.
    i thought mayb i have by mistake blockd them bt that also not the case.
    plz help me out with this.


    I was upset once with one of my friends and Unfriend him. Now I want to get my friend back on my Friends List. On his page it is active only Subscribe button. Can I get back Friends? How?

  17. nieshell says:

    If you are a contact in someones phone and you block them on facebook will they still be able to see that you have a facebook due to you being a contact in their phone?

  18. lucky says:

    1 of my friend is blocked me ………is there is any other way to unblock him

  19. dharm says:

    Sir i have a big broblom

    I block & unblock my girlfriend in many time on facebook when we fight bt sir now we r bst buddy & now i want to unblock .
    When i saw in block list no see girlfriend id or user name. & when i search friend name or user name on search option no result found answer show
    My girlfriend never bloked me .

    Now what i do to get my girlfriend id on my fb account pls revert me …..

  20. pranali says:

    i hav delete permanently some one from even block list also. then what to do?

  21. riyaz says:

    dear..sir….i face book a/c temperiry block plz…tel me how to open this ..

  22. riyaz says:

    my face book a\c temperiry blocked from facebook community so how can i open this …plz.. tel me is there any trick….

    thank u..

  23. Xanny says:

    What about when you and a friend block each other? How do you unblock each other then?

  24. sh gar chettri says:

    sir if i blocked someone then they can use their facebook id or not

  25. fesha cool says:

    i want to find my friend on facebook but unfortunately he hide or block his fb account. so plzzzz help me to find him on fb.plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  26. i blocked my friend and now i wont to put her back on facebook how do i do it can you help me out and tell me how

  27. Nabil says:

    my 5rnd has blocked me! is there anyway that i can be his 5rnd again?

  28. Emma Higgins says:

    how do i permanently delete people from my block list, i will never want to unblock them again so i dont want to see their names on at all, not even on a block list, i want to permanently delete them from every trace of my facebook. PLEASE HELP

  29. ynskie says:

    ..i one have question….i block one person and i want to be friends again and add him….the question is how can i add him….i cannot see add friend of his fb account?

  30. Plzz help me unblock my facebook cancel my friend requests

  31. Subodh says:

    If many pepole blocked a fb id can the id was locked ?

  32. Ikbal Hassan says:

    One of my best friend has blocked me on fb……i want re- add him as my friend….so how can i re-add him…plizz help me

  33. Siddharth jain says:

    Hey admin please help me please tell me my id is blocked and when i’m trying to log in it showing photo identity and i don’t know all photos what should i do please help meeee

  34. liz hodgson says:

    i recieved a message from someone who said i had blocked her i do not understand any of this i do not know how to block or unblock any one i do not know when you ask for web site i do not know this either thankyou

  35. Maina says:

    Hi ..
    My friend unblock now and i am cannt find her on add friend.

  36. Aseem says:

    my fb account has been blocked 🙁 I tried so many times but failed…
    please help me, I can’t recognize the tagged pictures as a security check..

  37. 1 of my friend is blocked me ???is there is any other way to unblock her

  38. saima says:

    i am facing problem regarding my facebook account I need help regarding this issue.I generally don’t accept unkown boys’ requests.There was a person in my fb friends list having girl’s name. Before few days I had a chat by chance with that person. He asked me If am a girl … When I told him yes then he said he is a boy actually.. I became angry and I unfriended him… but he was sending friend request again, i ignored.Yesterday when i tried to log in to my account i could not…Probably that person has blocked my ID.I am Very worry about it.I even cannot sign into my gmail account.
    plzzz tell me what should i do to log into my account and unblock it.I am worry

  39. Mohd Nasir Mohd Ibrahim says:

    Pls help me..i have a problem. I have already unfriend someone…then i want friend her again…i search her name but not available…block list also dont should i go about it

  40. ken says:

    i want to block my account for good is that possible

  41. Altezar says:

    Why am I not allowed to block someone again until after two days from unblocking them?

  42. Melissa Reyes Soto says:

    I blocked someone from my friends list and then unblocked them awhile ago. Now we are trying to be friends again but it wont let us because there is no friend request shown…..Need help ASAP!

  43. Janet says:

    My husband a friend and he got mad and unfriend each other now they are trying to be friends on Facebook again and they can’t find each others profile on Facebook.
    What do they do to fix this. Thanks

  44. Virgil Hosier says:

    I’m trying to find a friend and his name and profile do not appear when I search his name. I know it exist because he contacted my sister and asked her to tell me to add him. But I still can not find his profile. He was unfriended at one time by mistake. How can I find him again when his name dont show up in my search? Please help.

  45. Nwabisa says:

    im i want 2 block same one with my facebook i dnt want 2 cht with him

  46. Bethany King says:

    My boyfriend blocked me then un bkocked me but i still cant find him. Y and we want to send requests

  47. Alida Huising says:

    I do not have a comment for the above but I do have a question On my friends face book page it says I have been blocked. I phoned her and she said she never blocked me, so what is going on? And how can I get her back?

  48. Frank Russell says:

    Someone blocked me. When I do a search, I still see her profile picture. Not only can I see it, she is at the top of the search. Any reason for that?

  49. adolfo says:

    Just wondering!!
    How is it possible when a person you have block
    Already , for a long time and is the last person at the end of the bock list ! How is it possible that their names , comes back up at the top of the list like it was the first one the you just block???

  50. Priya Salian says:

    I had blocked 1 of my friend for 7d ays and then i unblocked the person . but i am not able to send the friend request , can anybody help me out

  51. daisy says:

    i unblocked someone i know 2 see…. how many people on my friend list..he has this person used 2 be a friend + so i went + unfriended everyone i know that he had + common with meon facebook + then i got rid my account 4 now….after 48 hours can i still block again still or will it be longer? i never done this before? i don’t want 2 give this person any chance of seeing anything… i have public even though it’s not much….so am waiting it out i guess…

  52. boitumelo says:

    so if you have blocked someone from your facebook but their name still appears on your chat lists how do you remove it from there?

  53. unknown says:

    If i unblock some1 can they see me online and my timeline even though i haven’t add them back?

  54. diane lloyd says:

    My friend block me and now wants to unblock me how do we do it

  55. Ruth lewis says:

    Help anyone me and my nd was playing around and blocked him than tried to unblock him and add a friend well as a joke he deleted my request so I blocked him again than unblocked him joking around than I tried to add him he deleted it again well now we’re both blocked from seeing each other and now WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO BE FRIENDS AGAIN AND UN.BLOCKING EACH OTHER

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