How To Apply For FAFSA School Loans

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Today’s Tip: How To Apply For School Loans

Going to college is a new adventure, it is the past to your new endeavors, your new life awaiting you. But there are many forms to fill out and steps and processes to get through before you actually begin the classes to get your degree. Applying for school loans can be sometimes overwhelming and frustrating so hopefully this tip will ease some of your stress! First you will need to apply for a pin to apply for FAFSA. The website to apply for a pin is (you can click here or copy & paste). This may take up to 1 week to?obtain a pin # but it is required in order to apply for FAFSA – Federal Application for Federal Student Aid. When you have gotten your pin put it in a safe spot because each academic year you will need to reapply for your FAFSA.

Once you have your pin# you need to go to (again you can click here or copy & paste). This may take some time it could be up to 3 weeks but you can check the status of your financial aid fafsa application on the website or by calling 1-800-433-3243. When applying for financial aid, you will need your tax return forms from the previous year. Don’t get scared, on the FAFSA online application, it will tell you exactly what line to look for to fill in the blanks. It’s very simple! Also, if you already know what schools you are applying for, you can call ahead and ask them for their FAFSA school code -there is a spot on the website, to plug this info in – you can put up to 5 schools. Or if you don’t know it, there will be an option for you to search.

Another option is to go back and add more schools later on or on a different day, etc. The faster you enter all the required information the sooner it will be processed but if for some reason you are missing pieces of information you can always save your application and return by logging in and adding the additional information to your fafsa application. Once you have completed your FAFSA application for school loans, you can contact the College’s financial aid office and check on the status of their processing your financial aid. (This can only happen after a few weeks have gone by since you’ve submitted your FAFSA.) Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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