How To Appear Beautiful, Younger, And Less Tired

Today’s Tip: How To Appear Beautiful, Younger, And Less Tired

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YES! It can be done – you can be attractive, and appear beautiful, younger, and less tired without plastic surgery or a year long vacation away from reality. When people notice you, they mainly notice your looks, your face, your hands, your hair, your clothes, your shoes – all appearance. And as a woman you strive to maintain a certain level of beauty and youth to keep up with the times, but then one day something happens and you find yourself struggling to keep up with the pace of everyday life. First of all, looks are not everything and one should always remain proud of who they are. With that being said I will respectfully continue.?

The first thing people notice is your face – how do you appear beautiful, younger, and less tired??You remember what it was like to apply some foundation and walk out the door but now you need to apply a little more to cover up that new wrinkle that found a new home. (see – how to get clear skin) – After starting with clear skin you want to use minimal makeup. When makeup is caked on, it is noticeable and less attractive. The trend for the last decade has been neutral facial makeup. You can start by going to a department store for a free facial where they will recommend the best shade of foundation for your skin tone, and the right colors for makeup for you (based on your skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc.). Once you have determined the right shades of makeup to use, apply accordingly. The beauticians and estheticians are paid to tell customers the best colors that suit them -if they were wrong they would lose customers and essentially word of mouth. You will have say in the decision process so don’t be shy!

Next is hair, now yes you can certainly go to a hair salon and have your hairdresser give you and updated look – why not? And you can most certainly try new styling products to go along with it, but sometimes you need to look beautiful, younger, and less tired without doing all of that. So there are 2 tips for this part -1) washing your hair everyday is bad for you and your hair. You want to wash it every other day or if you have the thick luxurious hair every 2 days. If you want to try going every 2 days because it will look that much better when you wash it next there is a product called “dry shampoo” out now. It used to be out during the 70’s and has now made a comeback! And people let me tell you it does work! There are variations of prices for this product, from $50.00 a can to $17.99. I use the?Rockaholic brand sold in Stop &?Shop. ?2) If you are having a blah day, or have a hectic schedule, in a bad mood?-whatever the case may be, you can still have a good hair day. There are many different ways to wear one’s hair, including the traditional ponytail. Short hair? Use clips. These hairstyles will take the focus off of your hair for the day.

Wear clothes that are flattering to you, but are also flattering to your body type. Same as shoes, yes fashion is wonderful but comfort always takes a back seat when it comes to getting dressed. So make sure you choose the shoes that encompass both when buying them so that you know when you wear them to work, you will be comfortable and stylish. These things don’t neccesarily help you?appear beautiful, younger, and less tired do they? That’s where the rest of this tip comes in. You need rest and sleep – time for yourself, that’s what everone says but it’s not always as easy as people say it is.

Moisturizer for your face and handcream?on a daily basis, are key ingredients in appearing younger. The collagen in your skin in your face and hands are a sure sign of aging, and to avoid that aged look you need to start using moisurizer on a daily/nightly basis. By doing this it also helps you wear your makeup better the foundation blends better. You don’t have to go out and buy the latest fashion to be younger, you need to know how to take care of yourself. Diet, exercise, proper hygiene, all these things play a part. For example, red wine is known to stain teeth -people with yellowed teeth are considered older. Flossing is known to maintain your teeth’s health including not letting those brown triangles appear when people get older and teeth settle in more.

Exercise helps a person keep in shape sure, but it also eliminates any extra fat from multiplying so those baggy arms won’t swim when you wave. Of course, people look tired and can have dark circles, or bags under their eyes. If you are one of those people who have sleep issues and have not fixed them with the dr yet, invest in some books to read to get your eyes tired before bed, try cucumber slices, try cutting out anything with sugar/caffeine at least 6 hours before bed. There is also a face illuminator which you rub on your face and it appears shimmery to appear as a glow which you can put around your eyes. In order to appear beautiful, younger, and less tired, you have to try different things to know what works for you. If you strive to always look your best you will succeed! Side tip – laughter is wonderful factor to staying young. Remember wrinkles will be there, but it’s how you embrace yourself and present yourself what matters. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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