How To Add or Post A Video on Youtube

Hello World!

Did you see that hilarious Justin Timberlake Video of his impression of Beyonce’s “Put a Ring On It” dance routine? Did you wish you could put some of the daily things that occur in your life like your best friends belches, or your attempt at being the next Julia Child on youtube?! When you’re done reading this tip, you will know how to add a video on youtube!

You must first register with On the top right hand side it will say “create account”. (You will need a valid email address to verify the account). There is no charge to sign up, post videos, or watch videos on youtube. Once you’ve created a youtube account, and you are ready to add a video on youtube, go to the top right again, and look for “upload”. You will have 2 main options here, 1) to actually upload a video, and 2) to record from a webcam. The second option is more of a ‘live’ option using a digital webcam versus a video that was previously recorded on your camera and saved on your computer.

If you have already saved a video to your computer, and are uploading, when you click the button to upload, choose the title of the video you want to add on youtube. As the video is uploading, a screen will appear in which you need to fill in the blanks. These are very important things to fill in when posting a video on youtube. For the most part they are privacy settings (who can view/search for this video) and a title, and description box. You need to also decide if you want only youtube to have the license to publish your video (you will see the option to choose which license you want approved).

If you are posting a videon on youtube via a digital webcam, choose the option to “record from webcam”. The youtube website will locate your camera and give you step by steps on how to record, stop, pause, etc.

** If for some reasone you decided that the video you just posted on youtube is not good enough to be seen by others, or you just simply changed your mind, and you want to delete it, simply click on “my videos” should be in a blue box in the middle of the screen, choose the video and click actions, option delete.

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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