How to Fix Your Mitsubishi DLP TV with White Dots

If you have a Mitsubishi DLP TV and it has started to get white dots you are going to need to get it fixed and here’s how you do it.? First off, the white dots will only get worse.? It starts with one and over time more and more will come.? You will eventually be driven mad because it impacts the picture quality significantly.? The problem is the DLP chpi inside the TV.? After a certain number of hours that the TV is left on the pixels will begin to lose their ability to work and the result is the white dots.? There is no set number of hours, but obviously the longer you leave the TV on the faster this will happen.? People who watch 2-3 hours of television a day say that they get about 5 years out of the TV before the white dots appear.? There are two ways you can fix this problem. Continue reading

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How to Kiss a Girl and Make Her Remember It (Infographic)

The most important thing at the beginning of getting to know someone is that first kiss.? A wonderful first kiss versus a horrible first kiss can make a world of difference.? In fact a lot of girls will tell you that after they had a really bad kiss they lost interest in the guy.? To make sure this doesn’t happen to you today’s tip is how to kiss a girl and make her remember it.? There’s 7 things that I recommend you do to really make that first kiss (and everyone kiss after) a special experience and if you follow these you will either be right at the top of her list of kisses (if not the top).? The problem that a lot of guys have is when they are in that moment they let instinct take over and they forget the different things they need to ensure they do.? This can lead to sloppy kisses, hard kisses, ackward kisses, and all of these will certainly not help your chances with the girl. Continue reading

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The 10 Best Up and Coming Job Sectors for You to Look Into

The job market is a tough place in today’s economy so I decided to do some research and see what the best upcoming job sectors were for people to get into.? If you are a college student and thinking about what to major in this would be a valuable article to read.? If you are already in the workplace and are thinking of changing careers but don’t know what you want to go into this would also be valuable to you to.? With the job market changing (increased automation, robotics, driverless cars) it is extremely important for everyone to think about what jobs will be available in the future because the last thing anyone wants is to wind up in the unemployment line because you chose a bad job sector to get into. Continue reading

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The 10 Simple Tricks to Get Six Pack Abs

Everyone wants a six pack but most everyone winds up frustrated and gives up because they try tons of different things but nothing seems to work.? Have you tried running, sit ups, eliminating fatty foods, and you still don’t have a six pack?? You aren’t alone.? Getting six pack abs is an extremely difficult challenge especially if you aren’t doing the specific things that need to be done.? Bring in my friend Tom who is a strength trainer and nutritionist and the 10 simple tricks that he says will help YOU get a six pack (see the infographic below).? #3 is very important and something that most people do not think about or do. Continue reading

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How to Tell if a Girl is Looking at You and Interested in You

I think it is pretty common for guys to never quite know if a girl is looking at him or checking him out unless she is making it beyond obvious.? A lot of times guys do not pick up on it and as a result they miss out on an opportunity that they probably would have taken action on if they only knew.? I’m going to give all you guys out there some golden advice today so you know how to tell if a girl is looking at you (or if she is looking at something completely different and you won’t embarrass yourself by mistaking it). Continue reading

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The 4 Things You Need to do to Increase Your Vertical Jump and Jump Higher

I am interested in exercising and having a healthy body so last night I found myself in the middle of a conversation with a few people about exercising and the topic of increasing your vertical jump height came up.? Personally I have no need to increase my vertical jump but when they mentioned that this would significantly tone your calves my ears perked up and I decided to share what was shared in the conversation.? The person who was sharing this information is a strength and conditioning coach for a college sports program so this should be pretty effective. Continue reading

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How To Get Spotify to Work After IOS 8 Update

After you update your iPhone or iPad to a version of IOS 8.0 or newer you may find that your Spotify app does not work.? You will click on the Spotify app, it will open, but then it will minimize and you will not be able to get into the program or play any music.? Some people have tried what they considered everything and have gone as far as to cancel their Spotify membership.? But I have discovered how to get past this error so let’s get to it.

Updating to the latest version of IOS can wreak havoc on some of your apps as it did with my Spotify app which caused a lot of frustation until I finally got it resolved.

– The first thing you should try is going into “Settings” and then to “General”. Continue reading

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